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a Safari in the Western Desert of Egypt is an Adventure experience for a lifetime!



  The Libyan Desert of Egypt - 7 days
Batieg (Watermelon valley) - Western Desert

One of the highlights of this journey is Cave Djara and the White Desert National Park. In December 1873 Gerhard Rohlfs and his expedition team discovered by coincident Cave Djara, a wonderful cave showing stalactites like thick pillars in a hypostyle hall. The Djara cave also consists prehistoric carvings. Wildly eroded rock formations, travelling across open plains, with sand, gravel and bare rock under our tyres, sand dunes, the amazing White Desert, ancient treasures in the oasis, we will see the best of the sites. The wonderful deserts will be switched through green oases, colorful tombs, springs and the old settlement of Bahariya. Discover the ancient treasures and explore the variety of the deserts.

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 The Unknown Egypt - 9 days
Qasr Selim tombs - Bahariya Oasis

This tour shows you not only all the beauty of the deserts, valleys (wadis) and plains of the Western Desert, but also the ancient treasures of the oases Siwa, Bahariya and Fayoum. One of the highlights of this journey is the ancient caravan route, we pass the uninhabited oases al-Areg and Bahrein en route to Siwa where Berber families can be found living in a city once visited by Alexander the Great. From the Necropolis of Saqqara with the famous step pyramid of Djoser we head into the oasis Bahariya. Bahariya has plenty of ancient sites to illustrate its importance in antiquity and is the gateway to the various deserts of the Western Desert, especially to the famous White Desert with its magnificent limestone formations. We'll head into the unique area Wadi al-Hitan as finale. It is the most significant place in the world to show the evolution of whales.

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 The Magical Oases of the Western Desert - 11 days
Tombe of Bannantiu - Bahariya Oasis

This is a safari into one of Egypt's most isolated and spectacular regions. Only one asphalt road is linking the oases of the Western Desert with Cairo and the Nile Valley. During this tour we explore the magical oasis settlements, all with their own famous and beautiful highlights and ancient treasures, and stunning desert scenery. The beauty and variety of the Western Desert will surprise you. And colorful tombs will be switched through green oases, sand dunes and old settlements. It's the beauty of the desert landscape that you'll probably remember most about our adventure.

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 Following the Tracks of Alexander the Great - 8 days
Siwa Oasis - Egypt

Through this part of Egypt Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king, left behind his tracks. From Cairo, we head for the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria. Via the battlefields at al-Alamein and along the coast we go south towards the magnificent and fascinating Siwa Oasis where you can visit the Temple of the Oracle. Alexander the Great visited this temple in 331 BC in order to seek confirmation that he was the son of Zeus (Amun). But we'll also getting off the beaten tracks via the uninhabited al-Areg Oasis towards Bahariya Oasis and visit the famous White Desert National Park with the white chalk sculptures eroded through the wind.

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 The Pyramids and the Tracks of the Sea - 8 days
Red Pyramid of Sneferu at Dahshur

See the Pyramids of Egypt in all their splendour and explore ancient mastabas and temples. The first Egyptian Pyramids has been built more than 4500 years ago. The step pyramid of Pharaoh Horus Netjerikhet, better known as Djoser, dominates the entire site at Saqqara. But we explore also the less unknown sites as Meidum and Dahshur. Beside the pyramids and Memphis this tour showcases the diversity of Egypt's Western Desert and where ever you go you'll see the ancient tracks of the sea. Wadi al-Hitan contains invaluable fossil remains of the skeletons of the Basilosaurus isis and of the Dorudon atrox. It is the most significant place in the world to show the evolution of whales. Another highlight is the White Desert, landscapes dominated by brilliant white limestone or chalk formations that are the remains of microscopic marine animals, when all this region was under water.

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Each evening in the desert, a Bedouin camp is constructed by windbreak screens, our living-room, where we can eat, cook and sleep sheltered. Often we take our Bedouin tent with us in which we cook and eat. During the tour, delicious Bedouin meals are prepared with fresh vegetables, meat and other ingredients. In the desert we sleep under the stars. Especially during summertime it is great to sleep outside. And our 'bathroom' will be the desert. Sometimes we pass oases with a hot spring where we can take a bath. But for the cold nights we take tents with us. We provide the following material for all our tours; igloo 3 persons tents for 2 persons, thick foam mattresses, blankets, eventually sleeping bags, ground carpets, windbreakers, kitchen and eating utensils.

Anyone with an enquiring mind, with a healthy body and with a flexible attitude who enjoys getting off beaten tracks, will be rewarded with an unforgettable journey! Flexibility is required in planning as the National Authorities may change regulations of access to restricted areas. Also through the unexpected in terms of mechanical problems, reasons of safety, in case of emergency, weather and terrain can be the cause that we may have to change our program.

On our safaris we are equipped with well-maintained Toyota Land Cruisers 4x4s, specially equipped for the desert (air compressor, suspension, etc.). Our drivers always maintaining the highest standards of assistance and safety. Our cars are equipped with modern navigation: high tech (satellite phone, GPS, etc.) and conventional tools as (military) maps, compass. The group first aid kit is well stocked to assure good first aid and to treat common complaints on the safaris, but. It is better that you should bring your own medication. Depending on your needs you might be bring: lip balm, sun block with a high UV protection, a mosquito repellent, aspirin, anti-diarrhea and wet wipes.


Our drivers always maintaining the highest standards of assistance and safety and with passion for the desert.


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