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Adventure Safari is one of only a few companies that offer tours to remote desert destinations like Gilf Kebir, Uweinat and the Great Sand Sea. On all our tours we go beyond the well-trodden paths of mainstream tourism. Whether this is your first or your tenth trip to Egypt, our purpose is to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

Serenity, open spaces and spectacular nature are the core features of all our tours.


Tailor-made Tours

Personalised tours for individuals, families and private groups. Expert assistance with designing your own tour to the destination of your choosing; mapping out the most convenient and enjoyable itinerary. Tailor-made tours with 2 or more persons. Reliable, affordable and an unforgettable experience.


Adventurous tours for experienced travellers to the relatively unknown and undiscovered regions of extraordinary beauty. Places of unique prehistoric significance: Gilf Kebir, Uweinat, Great Sand Sea and Silica Glass Area.

Challenging, but above all secure.

4x4 off-road Safari Tours

One of the distinctive features of our off-road safari tours is variety: the unspoilt beauty of the western desert alternating with ancient and modern culture. Pyramids, tombs with magnificent wall paintings, magical oases, unforgettable deserts and sympathetic encounters with the friendly local population: all there for you to experience!

Recommended both for those who visit Egypt for the first time, and also for adventurous explorers who have visited Egypt on previous occasions.

An opportunity to discover and experience authentic Egypt!


Short 4x4 Programs

Besides organised tours, Adventuresafari also offers trips of one or more days from Bahariya and/or Cairo. There are many possibilities: going back in time at Wadi al-Hitan (whale valley), visiting the stunning scenery of the White Desert; experiencing the extraordinary Berber culture in Siwa Oasis, searching for the prehistoric petroglyphs in Cave Djara; it's all up to you!


Safe, reliable and affordable!


Let the Adventure begin...


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