Great Sand Sea and the White Desert in the Western Desert of Egypt

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The travellers, errant poets, follow the traces of the wind

into the abysses of infinity, guided by the flashes of the night

Only these traces, that impress the language of the wind

on the back of the dunes, contain the sighs and the emotions of this earth...





Marhab! Welcome by Adventure Safari!

Explore the unknown Egypt with Adventure Safari.


The oasis of the Western Desert offers you a unique view on the wonder that is ancient Egypt. The desert is not a monotonous sandpit; it is a beautiful place of diversity with a history of million years. Culture and nature of unimaginable beauty.

Egypt is more than pyramids, temples and  hieroglyphics. Discover and experience it for yourself!


Adventure Safari is one of only a few companies that offer expeditions to Gilf Kebir National Park and is specialized in 4x4 off-road Safaris in the Western Desert. We arrange tailor-made tours personalised and designed around your interests.


We love to share our enthusiasm for this unique area with those who travel with us.

Safety, respect for culture and nature, we are a competent team of experts who prefers to accompany small groups (2 - 8 persons).


Adventure, exploration, encounters and above all enjoyment - no mass tourism, but a voyage of discovery that will enrich your life.

Safe, reliable and affordable!


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